À l’aube de la vie

At the Dawn of Life,
a multimedia collection

supervised by Serge Lebovici † and Bernard Golse, directed by Alain Casanova and Monique Saladin

Éléments de la psychopathologie du bébé
L’échographie de la grossesse : les enjeux de la relation
René Diatkine, une pensée en mouvement
L’annonce du handicap


This multimedia collection relies on clinique and pluridisciplinarity. Its objective is to put tracks for reflexion of national and international dimension at the professionals's disposal, by offering original training and information tools about the field of paedopsychiatry, from foetus to the late adolescence.

The association
« At the Dawn of Life »

The association At the Dawn of life is guarantor for the scientifical content of the collection that bears the same name. After the decease of Serge Lebovici , Bernard Golse became President.

The association and its specialists offer, on request, to provide training around the themes dealt with in the boxes of the collection.

The scientifical comittee

Pr Bernard Golse, paedopsychiatrist; Dr Brigitte Benchetrit, paedopsychiatrist; Dr Michel Botbol, paedopsychiatrist; Dr Lisa Ouss, paedopsychiatrist; Dr Richard Uhl, psychiatrist; Dr Hervé Benhamou, paedopsychiatrist; Sylvain Missonnier, psychologist; Pr Marie-Rose Moro, ethnopsychiatrist; Pr Michel Soulé, paedopsychiatrist; Pr Monique Bydlowski, paedopsychiatrist; Dr Marianne Rabain, paedopsychiatrist.


Already published :

 Elements of Baby Psychopathology, by Serge Lebovici

 Ultrasound Testing During Pregnancy and its Implications, by Michel Soulé with Luc Gourand, Sylvain Missonnier and Marie-José Soubieux

 René Diatkine, a Thought in Motion

Forthcoming titles :


 Clinics From Here and Somewhere Else : Transmitting Ethnopsychiatry

 Announcement of Disability, by Gérard Ponsot and Patrick Ben Soussan

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