À l’aube de la vie

Michel Soulé and Dominique Blin
with Édith Thoueille


Éléments de la psychopathologie du bébé
L’échographie de la grossesse : les enjeux de la relation
René Diatkine, une pensée en mouvement
L’annonce du handicap


Breast-feeding : natural, instinctual or cultural act? A desire, a need or
a duty ?

Passionate and ceaseless debate, it cannot be solved by calling upon the sole biological argument. Breast-feeding or bottle-feeding implies differences in the gestural, the posture and the biological interactions, ethologic and fantasmatic. What about the methods, techniques and cultures of breast-feeding in France and in the world? But also from Antiquity to our days?

Can maternal milk be "not good" and hinder breast-feeding just like some somatic or psychiatric pathologies could? Breast-feeding : junction between the mother's breast and the new-born baby's mouth; can the erotic breast leave the place to the organe of lactation? When and how can sevrance be envisaged ?

Various specialists were solicited in order to treat the anthropological, biological, ethnological, ethnopsychiatric, ethologic, historical, philosophical, psychodynamic, sociological and statistical aspects.

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