À l’aube de la vie

M. Soulé, with L. Gourand, S. Missonnier and M.-José Soubieux

Ultrasound Testing during Pregnancy and its Implications

Éléments de la psychopathologie du bébé
L’échographie de la grossesse : les enjeux de la relation
René Diatkine, une pensée en mouvement
L’annonce du handicap

The ultrasound, a preparation to the meeting with the real child, that can eventually be sick, fascinates and worries.

The second number of the collection At the Dawn of Life , gathers video documents (over 4 hours and a half), a book and a CD-ROM, dealing with psychological aspects, from the first ultrasound to those related to pathology and to the announcement of abnormalities.

Praticians have access to a considerable knowledge and power, but their responsibility is all the more bound. Future parents, often bedazzled in front of this anticipated birth, feel threatened by the performances and by the failure of technique.

Positive or negative, psychological repercussions are inevitable. The analysis of these elements, improved with theoretical contribution on the image, leads to an original reflexion on the role of the ultrasound, which place in the process of parentalisation proves to be fundamental.

Directed by Michel Soulé, together with Luc Gourand, Sylvain Missonnier et Marie-José Soubieux, this reflexive work was done in services dealing with obstetrics from interviews with parents who experienced these tests, ultrasound testers, and psychoanalysts.

This deepen research on the relationship in ultrasound testing is an essential contribution to the construction of the unlightened consent.

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With the participation of :

  • Jean-Pierre Barchewitz ;
  • Patrick Ben Soussan ;
  • Jacques Bril ;
  • Fernand Daffos ;
  • Edwige Dautzenberg ;
  • Didier David ;
  • Paul Denis ;
  • Luc Druart ;
  • Laurent Fermont ;
  • Pierre Foucaud ;
  • Claudie Gilges ;
  • Bernard Golse ;
  • Alija Goudjil ;
  • François Jacquemard ;
  • Marie-Christine Jacquemot ;
  • Pierre Lasfargues ;
  • Marie-France Mazars ;
  • Véronique Mirlesse ;
  • Israël Nisand ;
  • Monique Nouvel ;
  • François Sirol ;
  • Joëlle Teboul ;
  • Serge Tisseron.


4 Videotapes

 Getting in Touch

 Ultrasound Testing or the Uncanny

 Bad News



A Book

 Listen and Look... Ultrasound Testing during Pregnancy


A CD-Rom

 The Essential Complement


Detailed Summary

 Presentation of the Set


Review of the Press

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