À l’aube de la vie

Coordinated by Richard Uhl

René Diatkine, A Thought in Motion

Éléments de la psychopathologie du bébé
L’échographie de la grossesse : les enjeux de la relation
René Diatkine, une pensée en mouvement
L’annonce du handicap

Rene Diatkine's thought and action made him one of the main actors of the child psychopathology renewal.

His vision as a psychoanalist and humanist allowed the development of a dynamic psychiatry, opening to the possibility of psychic movements even among serious patients. This set enables us to approach the principal metapsychological concepts, which clarify the clinical reflexion of this author, and it restores the alive image of the man in his practice. Various fields of application are illustrated by clinical documents with accompanying notes and interviews.

Tackled topics include :

  • an history of Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis;
  • the methods of psychic process revival by institutional carings;
  • the consultation in child psychiatry;
  • the psychoanalytic psychodrama ;
  • the destiny of children with multiple pathologies; the approach of language disorders;
  • the school, the prevention of sociocultural disability and the role of tales and books in the development of psychic life;
  • the psychoanalysis transmission.

With the participation, among others, of Claude Avram, Marie Bonnafé, Colette Chiland, Laurent Danon-Boileau, Paul Denis, Denise Diatkine, Gilbert Diatkine, Alain Gibeault, René Henny, Paul Isral, Serge Lebovici, Yves Manela, Dominique Morel, Michel Ody, Florence Quartier-Frings, Janine Simon, Richard Uhl, Madeleine Van Wayenberghe,...

4 Videotapes

 Team Work in Psychiatry or the Treating Polyphony (forthcoming)

 The Therapeutic Consultation in Child Psychiatry

 Living as an Autist : the Evolution of a Patient from Childhood to Adult

 Acquisition of the Language and Tales (forthcoming)

A Book and a CD-Rom (forthcoming)



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